Tuesday, June 5, 2012

August 11

Ok, so you probably know that my birthday is August 11th, right? Well, yeah, now you do for sure...

So I was taking a break from school and decided to Google my birthday. Just to see if anything amazing happened. And, yes, something did happen.

August 11, 1999 a huge solar eclipse happened. It was the first one that could be seen in the United Kingdom since June of 1927.

Here's a picture that was taken in France:

 So if you are ever bored, go Google your birthday and find out if anything interesting happened! And let me know! :D

Haha. Ok, I guess this was a lame post...  :\

Saturday, May 12, 2012


YAY! Ok, so today was our second game. Last week we lost, 2-1, and this week we won 2-1. Haha, amazing, huh?! :P
   Aight, so last week the other team scored twice, duh. And we scored one, duh. But guess who scored it...*drumroll* ME! jk, well no, I actually did score it, but didn't make a big deal. When it comes to scoring, I'm very humble. Honest. So, yes, I scored our only goal, and our first goal of the season. I've never done that before, and it feels amazing. Ever felt it?!
   Today, we won!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! And guess what, they scored once, duh, we scored twice, duh. But, again, I scored the first goal! Then Malachi scored right after me. Anyway, I scored our team's first two goals! It feels amazing.
   So, yeah, then later after that I was playing with Gideon and Michael all day. Exciting. And I earned 20$ for babysitting at church. Which sucked, but anyway...
    So, yes, now you know everything. Any questions?!

     Btw, Michael is the most adorable little kid ever. We were talking about if he liked any girls, he was very shy as soon as it came to that, he said that one girl, Kylie, kissed him. Three times. They were in school or church or something, I don't know. Anyway, after that he couldn't stop talking about kissing. And he didn't exactly understand that people had girlfriends and boyfriends. He kept calling Gideon my girlfriend, we're not 'together', but he didn't quite understand that. So he was explaining to us how a girl kisses a man, then poisons his lips, then he kisses her 1,500 times. And she can pick any man that she wants! Any man at all! Interesting, huh? Well, she has to think he's cute, according to Michael. So he kept explaining that to us. Gideon and I couldn't hold back our laughter, and Michael didn't care, because we knew it wasn't true, but it was extremely funny. Haha, honestly, and secretly, I wish it was true haha. I mean, wouldn't that be so easy? Find a hot guy, kiss him, then he'll kiss you 1,500 times? Oh yeah, and Michael is six, so now you can understand a bit better. He is so adorable.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catching Up

Ok, so it's been a long time since I've posted anything. And I'm not titling them Part -- anymore. 'Cause that was kinda dumb..  Anyway, not much has really happened, well besides my iTouch was taken away. But whatever. And Jonny is making everybody work out, but nobody is, except Josh and me, and I barely do it. I guess Jonny isn't making us, but he is intensely encouraging us. At least, everybody but my dad, because he refuses to pretty much. ??   And then I sometimes do a little, but it won't help any if I don't do it more often. So, yeah, what's up with you?
   Then I've also started speech therapy, don't ask. Soccer Season has started!! Our first game was Saturday, we lost it. But whatev, ya know why? (Well, first the score was 2-1) I scored our team's only goal, and the first one of the season! And this kid, Elijah, assisted it. So, then this Saturday will be our second; I better not be goalie, then we'll really lose. :\
    Besides that, nothing has happened. OH HOLD UP... Yeah, something did happen, we caught a swarm of bees two days ago! So Jonny was outside mowing the lawn, Gideon and I were walking down the sidewalk, and Mom was inside. Jonny runs inside and gets Mom to come out and explains that there was a huge swarm of bees right above him. If he had stuck his hand up he would've been touching them. So then Gideon and I hopped on our bikes and seriously rode around the entire town looking for where the swarm went, and Mom walked around a few neighboring blocks. Everybody was looking around for like 20 minutes but no-one found them. So Jonny continued mowing the grass, Mom went back inside, and Gideon and I hung out. Then later that night Mom explained everything to my dad who went in out backyard to see if they were in a tree. (Last year we caught a swarm in a tree in our backyard, then the year before that we caught one in a neighbor's yard.) So Dad was in the backyard looking around in the few trees we have there, a minute later he comes in the back door, "Anybody wanna help me catch a swarm?" I was extremely grateful for that because if he hadn't have come in I would have gotten yelled at by my mom for something...don't ask...  So we went back there and caught it in the tree pretty much right next to the one last year. Oh, and Jonny got the whole thing on video. Sweetness.
   So yep, I gotta go to Marengo now..............seeeeee yaaaaa laterrr

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Part Sixteen

Not to much to say today...

Anyway, there's a bit more to my story so check it out (link is in the post below)!! Also, I've started a new story also, I'm not working on it much...but a little! It's called Four Kids, One Creek. You can check it out by the same link for That New Family. So, yeah, if you want you can go check it all out!

Also, I meant to mention in my last post that I have one exciting thing coming up :) , and one present bad thing :( . The Happy thing: I get to meet some of the actual players from Chicago Fire! They are coming out to help with evaluations and stuff! I mean, I'm actually gonna meet some of them! SERIOUSLY! I mean, I am SERIOUSLY gonna MEET the ACTUAL players of CHICAGO FIRE!!  (Sorry I'm making such a big deal, it's just that I'm trying to tell myself that its actually real...I can't believe it!) IT'S SERIOUSLY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (sorry again)
And then in June the whole soccer league is gonna go up to Chicago and watch a real professional game! Or, well, maybe not the whole league, just people who want to or if they have room. So yeah, this year is gonna be TOTALLY all about soccer! Maybe I'll buy a pro jersey..hmmm. :\
Ooo! I know, I'mma set a goal....I HAVE to play soccer for at least 50 hours this year! Ok, don't be so shocked... I'll have twenty practices total this year (20hrs) and 16 games total this year (16hrs) and then thats a total of 36 hours. So I'll have to practice by myself for...24 hours? Right? Ok, I'm not good at math, just saying. So I have to spend a entire lenght of a day playing soccer, either by myself or just for fun. AND, I problee will do more then that because I won't always be able to keep track of how long I'm playing. Hmm, maybe I should try to play for 24 hours straight, whatcha think of that??!!?

Ok, now sadly, to the bad news. At least I got you filled up on lots of good stuff and a lil extra news!! My toe is still broken. :'(   But, whatever, doesn't matter that much. :)

See ya! I'mma go beg my parents to let me play in Marengo's soccer league also. It's a traveling team, so they will problee say no. They will problee also say that because they won't see the point of me playing in two different leagues. Whatev, blah.....


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Part Fiftteen

This is just a update-like post...i don't know....

I've written ALOT more on my story, That New Family.  And started another story, Four Kids, One Creek. I finished one story, Temple Running. And started one with all the songs I've written...don't bother checking that one out. : )  You can read all those at www.wattpad.com/yoboyhowdy

Last Sunday I spent practically the whole day with the Schauers, from 3 - 8:30. Wow.....   From 3 - 5:45 it was with Gideon and Malachi, then from 6 - 8 it was just Malachi. I brought him to youth group. I hadn't been in awhile and I wanted to go but Jonny wasn't going and I couldn't go alone. So Malachi was able to go and we had a pretty fun time. I used to go to their youth group, so now we go to each others. On Sunday we played football for a pretty long time, then we went inside and played Wheel of Fortune, which was fun. Then at youth group we played Grog (da best game EVER!!!!) and then Cows vs. Squirrels. On the ride home Malachi said he liked it but the talk was really long, and it is, but his youth group doesn't talke at all...its just games.

Other then all that stuff I haven't done anything fun......working on my parents...thats it......trying to get a T-Mobile cell phone....Dad says that hes fine with adding a phone to his plan for only 10 extra bucks....without texting. So now I'm trying o convince him that if he lets me get a T-Mobile phone it can be 10$ a month, with texting......or 1$ a day 10cents a minute, and unlimted texting. But no, he's stubborn, no texting....    : (

Well, gotta go do some boring school. Studying for a test...blah.

Part Fourteen

Sorry I missed the past two weeks, I've been busy. Anyway, I'm gonna make up for it in this post!!

Insane. Crazy. Energetic. Hyper. Any more words like that? 'Cause that is what describes Aliva. She eight years old, public-schooled, and crazy. We only see each other on Sunday, because of church, and shes only there half the time. When we do see each other we go insane, together. No, we're not gay. I just mean we fight. Like crazy. Tackle. Punch. Kick. Dodge. Yep, that's it. You can see her personality on our YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/themaniacgurlz . Life at church when she's there is weird. I mean, watch out older members of New Life. Sorry if you get jabbed in the side or stomach.

Rachel loves God. In church during worship she's always down on her knees (I know cuz I when I'm a usher I sit behind her). I don't mean to sound like its a bad thing, its really good. After church she's always with Nicole, in the KidzRock room, eating. No, shes not fat, but they always eat after church. And if I'm around they will say hi and ask if I'm going 'tonight'. Which is youth group. And I'll always say no. But last week I went with a guy friend and it was fun. I plan on going again. But I doubt that she'll ask to check, see we don't really hang out anymore. She rathers Nicole....

OK, next week is Nicole, I think....then Idk who....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Part Thirteen

Friendship. Jessica Braun.
Jessica, a awesome, ten-year-old soccer player. We've known each other for...hmm....I don't know. Awhile. We met through soccer, and, except two parties, that's the only time we see each other, or hang out. We've been on the same team for two seasons..I think, maybe three. Anyway, we've known each other for longer, haha, we played against each other. The past two seasons-one year-our teams have been 'The Admirals' and 'Thundering Herd'. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah...
    So the first time we ever hung out, outside of soccer, was my last birthday party. I turned 12, felt like hanging out with my friends, so I had a pool party with some friends from soccer. We all knew each other, there was Charlie and Henry, Olivia, Malachi and Gideon, and Jessica and Rachel. It was pretty cool. The second time was about a month later at another birthday party - Rachel's. It was at GloBowl, the local bowling alley. It's really cool, the party was just after a soccer game so we were in uniform...awesomeness.
   Jessica is a really cool person. She has a awesome little sister, Rachel! Jessica and Rachel both are Chinese sisters who were adopted. Anyway, whatev, they both are super cool people. I like them alot.
     So after my birthday party we started emailing each other and have kept doing that...now sometimes we can text each other. But it has to be when she's with her dad, 'cause his phone can text. Anyway, that doesn't really matter.

So, yeah, thanks for reading!

This post was part of my 'Friendship February' where I write a post about one of my friends each week. Its fun, I suggest you blog about your friends also! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, remember about commenting? Yeah, you can do that here, just make sure it's good stuff, I appreciate that.  : P And if you want, you ought to read these in order. But, I guess, it doesn't matter that much, but  its a free country, do what you want!  : P

For those who have read my introduction to That New Family the first chapter is now out! Please go read it! And let me know what you think! It has not been edited yet, or actually read by anyone else, so I'm really sorry for any mistakes. I'm about to go fix a few mistakes from the introduction that someone told me about. So if you find any, please, let me know! Thanks!! 
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